CITES calendar

November 2014

  • 03-08 November: Fiftieth Session of the International Tropical Timber Council, Yokohama, Japan
  • 04-09 November: 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (COP 11), Quito, Ecuador. See more.
  • 05-06 November: 83rd ICPO-INTERPOL General Assembly, Monaco
  • 07-08 November: Regional conference on anti-poaching and wildlife conservation, Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania
  • 10-14 November: European Regional CITES Plants Meeting, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • 10-17 November:

    Nineteenth Special Meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), Genoa, Italy

  • 12-19 November: IUCN World Parks Congress, Sydney, Australia. See more.
  • 18-20 November: 2nd Meeting of the CFMC/ WECAFC/CITES/OSPESCA/CRFM Working Group on Queen Conch, Panama City, Panama
  • 24-28 November: 4th meeting of the Steering Committee of the African Elephant Fund, West Tsavo, Kenya
  • 25-27 November: Annual meetings of INTERPOL's Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Committee, Lyon, France
  • 25-27 November: International workshop sharks: articulating experiences and strategies for implementation of species included in CITES Appendix II, Santa Marta, Colombia
  • 27-28 November: International Workshop on the Prohibition of the Illicit Trade of Wildlife, Tagaytay City, Philippines

December 2014

  • 01-05 December: Eleventh regular session of the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), Apia, Samoa
  • 09-11 December: Meeting of the Working Group on Fisheries Management of the Middle-East Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI), Cairo, Egypt
  • 10-12 December: UNODC Expert Group Meeting on Guidelines for forensic laboratory methods and procedures of timber identification and analysis, Vienna, Austria

January 2015

  • 19-22 January: Workshop to share experiences and discuss management of wild and plantation-source agarwood [CITES Decision 15.95 (Rev. CoP16)], Guwahati, India

May 2015

  • 12-14 May: Eighth session of the Regional Commission for Fisheries (RECOFI), Islamic Republic of Iran

August 2015

  • 30 August-03 September: 28th meeting of the CITES Animals Committee, Tel Aviv, Israel

October 2015

  • 19-23 October: 22nd meeting of the CITES Plants Committee, Georgia

January 2016

  • 11-15 January:

    66th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee, CICG, Geneva, Switzerland