Tenth regular session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)

Venue: Cairns, Australia

Dates: 2-6 December 2013

530 registered participants were present at the meeting including one CITES Secretariat staff.

During the session, the report of the 9th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee (SC9) over recent shark stock assessment was delivered, and the assessment indicated  high chance of depletion and overfishing in various shark species. Subsequently, a number of recommendations from SC9 on shark species were accepted regarding development of integrated conservation and management measures for key shark species.

CITES Secretariat posted an Observer document (http://www.wcpfc.int/node/5672) and made an intervention that expansion on collaboration is high priority between the WCPFC and the CITES through a dedicated discussion of issues based on species of common interest.

CITES Secretariat plan to engage with WCPFC Secretariat to prepare document for the 11th regular session of the Commission and same for the 89th session of the Forum Fisheries Committee.

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