Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Cener (SEAFDEC) regional workshop on data collection methodologies for the assessment of shark stock status

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Dates: 23-25 October 2013

The workshop was organized by Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC). Approximately 20 people attended the workshop including all SEAFDEC (ASEAN) Member States except for Laos. CITES Secretariat was invited as resourceperson.

The main objective of the workshop was to improve shark data collection and management by sharing information on national updates, piloting in some countries, and regional cooperation – with a focus on shark landing data collection. CITES Secretariat staff made a presentation on the new CITES-listed sharks and manta rays and requirements for implementing the new listings mainly in a scientific aspect (NDFs). 

CITES Secretariat will look for various ways to explore the outcomes from the workshop in line with enhancing implementation of the new CITES listings. Close communciation and coordinattion with SEAFDEC would be beneficial for capacity building programmes and activities to promote the new CITES listings in the region.

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