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CITES world conference opens with call for new wildlife trade rules

John Scanlon appointed as New Secretary-General of CITES

English translation unavailable for Declaración del Secretario General de la CITES sobre los elefantes.

Bluefin tuna main course of CITES world conference

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Bluefin tuna main course of CITES world conference

175 Governments will also discuss urgent measures to tackle illegal wildlife trade and
protect the livelihoods of the rural poor

A milestone of the CITES Trade Database

English translation unavailable for Statement by John Scanlon, Secretary-General of CITES.

CITES and INTERPOL joint forces to combat tiger poaching

New CITES Guide to prevent illegal trade in falcons

CITES meeting to introduce a new generation of e-tools for wildlife conservation

CITES gets to grips with a slippery problem