Resolution Conf. 3.4*

Technical cooperation

NOTING that more than two-thirds of the present Parties to the Convention are developing countries;

RECOGNIZING the special difficulties of developing countries in the establishment, staffing, training and equipment of Management Authorities and Scientific Authorities;

ACKNOWLEDGING with appreciation the technical assistance to developing countries in this field, already provided by the World Wide Fund for Nature1 and the People's Trust for Endangered Species;


  1. CALLS on all Parties to ensure the inclusion of technical assistance, in matters relating to this Convention, in the bilateral and multilateral programmes of development aid in which they participate;
  2. URGES Parties to make special funding and qualified staff available, possibly by way of ‘associate expert’ assignments to the Secretariat and to developing countries, to carry out such technical assistance projects for the benefits of the other Parties; and
  3. REQUESTS the Secretariat to continue to seek external funding for this purpose, in consultation with the Standing Committee, and to execute the projects so funded.


* Amended by the Secretariat in compliance with Decision 14.19 and with the decisions adopted at the 58th meeting of the Standing Committee.

1 Formerly referred to the "World Wildlife Fund".

Number / Code: 
Conf. 3.4*
COP meeting: 
Third meeting of the Conference of the Parties