Resolution Conf. 7.12 (Rev. CoP15)

Marking requirements for trade in specimens of taxa
with populations in both Appendix I and Appendix II

RECOGNIZING that Article VII, paragraph 4, of the Convention specifically provides for regulated international trade in specimens of species included in Appendix I that have been bred in captivity for commercial purposes;

RECOGNIZING also that the Conference of the Parties has established the right of a Party to permit commercial trade in specimens derived from an approved ranching operation – Resolution Conf. 11.16 (Rev. CoP15) adopted by the Conference of the Parties at its 11th meeting (Gigiri, 2000) and amended at its 14th and 15th meetings (The Hague, 2007; Doha, 2010);

CONSCIOUS that, in order to facilitate the application of differential regulatory controls, any system of marking specimens derived from ranching or captive breeding must be practical and readily implementable by all Parties;

NOTING that, at previous meetings, the Conference of the Parties has addressed separately the issues of regulating trade derived from ranching and captive breeding operations;



a)    with respect to the identification of live specimens, any marking system that requires the attachment of a tag, band or other uniquely marked label, or the marking of a part of the animal's anatomy be undertaken only with due regard for the humane care, well-being and natural behaviour of the specimen concerned; and

b)    with regard to parts and derivatives of ranched or captive-bred animals, where requested by individual Parties, the Secretariat purchase and disseminate appropriately coded tags or stamps, and that the costs be recovered from participating Parties.


* Amended at the ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties and corrected by the Secretariat following the 14th meeting, and further amended by the Secretariat in compliance with Decision 14.19 and with the decisions adopted at the 58th meeting of the Standing Committee. Further amended at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

Number / Code: 
Conf. 7.12 (Rev. CoP15)
COP meeting: 
Seventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties