Resolution Conf. 15.2

Wildlife trade policy reviews

RECALLING the third paragraph of the preamble to the Convention, which stipulates that peoples and States are and should be the best protectors of their own wild fauna and flora;

REAFFIRMING the goals and objectives of the CITES Strategic Vision: 2008-2013 adopted at the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, particularly Objective 1.1 that Parties comply with their obligations under the Convention through appropriate policies, legislation and procedures;

RECOGNIZING the importance of effective governance systems in the implementation of the Convention, national policies and legislation related to CITES and management plans for CITES-listed species;

RECALLING the recommendations of the Regional Workshop for Arabic-Speaking Countries on Wildlife Trade Policy Reviews held in Kuwait from 8 to 11 March 2009;


INVITES exporting and importing countries to carry out, on a voluntary basis, reviews of wildlife policy on the use of and trade in specimens of CITES-listed species, taking into account environmental, social and economic issues and relevant policy instruments, in order to facilitate a better understanding of the effects of wildlife trade policies on the international wildlife trade;

ALSO INVITES Parties to carry out, on a voluntary basis, regional or subregional wildlife trade policy reviews, in accordance with the realities of participating countries;

URGES Parties which decide to carry out wildlife trade policy reviews to take into account the lessons learned and tools developed under the CITES Policy Review Project (2006-2008);

REQUESTS Parties that undertake wildlife trade policy reviews on a voluntary basis to share relevant details of their reviews and lessons learned with other Parties;

INSTRUCTS the Secretariat to facilitate the review of wildlife trade policies, through raising the necessary funds and providing necessary technical cooperation, compile information provided voluntarily by the Parties regarding their wildlife trade policy reviews and make this information available to other Parties;

ENCOURAGES Parties to take into account the needs of indigenous people and other local communities when adopting trade policies concerning wild fauna and flora;

URGES Parties to promote mutual understanding and support across the science-policy interface and ensure that biological and social scientists and policymakers work in a cross-disciplinary manner;

INVITES replication of the Regional Workshop for Arabic-Speaking Countries on Wildlife Trade Policy Reviews in other regions; and

ALSO INVITES bilateral, multilateral and other interested donors and partners to support wildlife trade policy reviews and related institution-building activities.

Number / Code: 
Conf. 15.2
COP meeting: 
Fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties