Ad hoc reports

2. Review of reporting requirements

The CITES Secretariat maintains an UPDATED LIST OF REPORTING REQUIREMENTS (as amended following CoP17).

For species-specific reporting, the Standing Committee adopted a template and a set of guidance (see Notification to the Parties No. 2016/004 of 05 February 2016).

3. Parties' national reports on ranching operations

In Resolution Conf. 11.16 (Rev. CoP15) (Ranching and trade in ranched specimens of species transferred from Appendix I to Appendix II), the Conference of the Parties decided that the term ‘ranching’ meant the rearing in a controlled environment of specimens taken from the wild.

In the context of CITES, this term is used mainly in relation to populations of Appendix-I species of animals that are no longer endangered and that are transferred to Appendix II in accordance with this Resolution so that they may benefit from this form of management. Ranched species currently include only crocodilians, primarily ranched for their skins.

The Conference of the Parties recommends in the same Resolution that annual reports on all relevant aspects of each approved ranching operation be submitted to the Secretariat by the Party concerned, and include any new information on the following:

i)     the status of the wild population concerned;

ii)    the number of specimens (eggs, young or adults) taken annually from the wild;

iii)   an estimate of the percentage of the production of the wild population that is taken for the ranching operation;

iv)   the number of animals released and their survival rates estimated on the basis of surveys and tagging programmes, if any;

v)    the mortality rate in captivity and causes of such mortality;

vi)   production, sales and exports of products; and

vii)  conservation programmes and scientific experiments carried out in relation to the ranching operation or the wild population concerned.

The table below shows the Parties concerned and the reports received.

Party Species ranched Ranching operation reports  Date received Language
Argentina Caiman latirostris report July 2006 English & Spanish
Botswana Crocodylus niloticus none received - -
Cuba Crocodylus acutus none received - -
Ecuador Melanosuchus niger none received - -
Ethiopia Crocodylus niloticus report July 2011 English
Indonesia Crocodylus porosus report of population survey July 2006 English
wild crocodile harvest
Kenya Crocodylus niloticus report May 2006 English
Madagascar Crocodylus niloticus report September 2008 French
Malawi Crocodylus niloticus report May 2010 English
Mozambique Crocodylus niloticus none received - -
South Africa Crocodylus niloticus none received - -
Uganda Crocodylus niloticus none received - -
Zambia Crocodylus niloticus report June 2006 English
Zimbabwe Crocodylus niloticus report May 2006 English