AC20: Informes de los grupos de trabajo


Vigésima reunión del Comité de Fauna

Johannesburgo (Sudáfrica), 29 de marzo-2 de abril de 2004

Informes de los grupos de trabajo

(todos los documentos están disponibles en formato PDF, únicamente en inglés)

Grupos de trabajo



Review of significant trade in specimens of Appendix-II species

AC20 WG1 Doc. 1

Relationship between ex situ production and in situ conservation [Decision 11.102 (Rev. CoP12)]

AC20 WG2 Doc. 1
3. Process for registering operations that breed Appendix-I animal species for commercial purposes AC20 WG3 Doc. 1 (Rev.)
4. Transport of live animals AC20 WG4 Doc. 1
5. Trade in hard corals [Resolution Conf. 11.10 (Rev. CoP12) and Decision 12.62 AC20 WG5 Doc. 1
6. Control of captive breeding, ranching and wild harvest productino systems for Appendix-II species AC20 WG6 Doc. 1
7. Conservation of and trade in sea cucumbers in the families Holothuridae and Stichopodidae AC20 WG7 Doc. 1
8. Biological and trade status of sharks AC20 WG8 Doc. 1
9. Improving regional communication and the regional representation AC20 WG9 Doc. 1
10. Conservation of and trade in tortoises and freshwater turtles AC20 WG10 Doc. 1

Review of the criteria for amendment of Appendices I and II

AC20 DG1 Doc. 1 (Rev.1)