Notification to the Parties

No. 707 Lausanne, 21 December 1992



Regulation of the Exportation of CITES Specimens

1. Further to the Notification to the Parties No. 662 of 16 January 1992, the Management Authority of Egypt has informed the Secretariat that the following additional species (many of which are not listed in CITES appendices) are banned for export by Ministerial Decree 1012 of August 1992:


Allactaga tetradactyla (four-toed jerboa)
Canis aureus lupaster (Egyptian jackal)
Dugong dugon (dugong)
Equus (Asinus) asinus africanus (Nubian wild ass)
Fennecus zerda (fennec fox)
Herpestes ichneumon (Egyptian mongoose)
Hystrix cristata (crested porcupine)
Proteles cristatus (aardwolf)
Spalax micropthalmus (mole rat)
Vulpes rueppelli (sand fox)
Vulpes vulpes (red fox)


Walterinnesia aegyptia (Inne's cobra)

2. In addition, the exportation of specimens of reptiles not fully banned for export will not be authorized between the period 1 October to 1 April.

3. The Management Authority of Egypt has undertaken to send to the Secretariat copies of export permits it issues. Therefore, the validity of any export document apparently issued by the Management Authority of Egypt should be confirmed through the Secretariat before granting an authorization to import.

4. The Parties are urged to help Egypt implement the above-mentioned measures, and to inform its Management Authority and/or the Secretariat of any attempts to trade in the above species or to export specimens of reptiles within the period specifed in 2. above.